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This is the 11 keyed set I made back in 1985 and is the set that I currently play. The chanter is the 11-keyed chanter that Kathryn Tickell played for many years until I swapped it with a 16-keyed chanter some years ago.


This is the 5-keyed prototype set I made for the school pipes project that was run by FolkWorks (I think) back in 2006. The aim of the project was to make pipes available for teaching in mainstream school music in the Northeast at a price that was affordable. The target was to make a concert G set of pipes for a price of less than 200. To achieve this, considerable innovation was needed to allow the parts to be made in quantity and to be interchangeable. In the end we didn't have enough funding to do the keyed set but the unkeyed set was produced. This chanter is now with Anthony Robb

.school pipes prototype set

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