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My Bluepants built in 1992 and powered by an Oliver Tiger Mk4. I have flown it in a couple of oldtime stunt competitions (all at the cabbage patch Nationals) and my best placing was 4th The Flingle Bunt was my first combat model when I started serious combat flying in the mid 1960s. My original model was powered by a Rivers Silver Arrow. The recent version is similarly powered with a tuned, swapmeet aquisition. In 2014 I finished a TEOSAWKI (The End Of Stunt As We Know It)
This is an interesting design by Clayton Smith who died in 2010 and it was only available as a ready to fly model from Clayton in the USA. I am not aware of any that made their way over to the UK. Everybody I have heard from who has flown one claims an excellent performance from it.
I have created a page for the drawings and build pictures to help others build their own versions. Click on the picture to visit there.
My Peacemaker built in 1998 and powered by an Oliver Tiger Mk4. I have always wanted a Peacemaker and this is my first. - I built it light and it is fabulous to fly. The covering is a combination of mylar and tissue (the strength of the mylar and the look of the tissue) The Ole Blue was built in 1992 to enter British Goodyear events. It started out with one of my faithful Olivers but was later re-engined with a PAW TBR 2.5cc which proved to be very fast. This my J D Falcon started in 1999, finally flown in 2004 and repainted in 2005 as the fuelproof!! Pactra paint was not fuelproof. repainted with a 2 pack paint and very fuel proof. The model is powered by a Stalker 35.
I bought a pack of 3 kits at a swapmeet some 5+ years ago and split them with some friends. Mine is the second one finished and performs very well with the PAW 2.5cc TBR (the one I souped up for British Goodyear racing) flying weight 14oz. I found a rather blurred photo of some of the combat models I campaigned in the 60's
Looks like my first Flingle Bunt, a dominator, an Earlybird and a Mini Earlybird.
I built this Phantom to compete in the indoor controline racing at the Model Engineering Exhibition about 10 years ago. The model was powered by a tuned PAW 1.49 and was really fast. Sadly we crashed and didn't finish our heat but the model has been repaired and just awaits new wheels.
My Airsail Gas Buggy shown here with the ED Mk2 Penny Special 2cc diesel engine that was it's original powerplant I have been Aeromodelling since I was old enough to be trusted with sharp tools and here is a picture I found of my first radio model. The model was self designed (I think) and the radio gear was a set made from a Macgregor Terrytone kit. It did work but my pocket money wouldnt stretch to replacing the HT battery once it had run down When I Joined the Cambridge Model Aero club there was a significant free flight contingent and I built a number of competition models in the club style. This model was powered by an Elfin 1.49 and performed well. I was already showing an interest in Bluegrass music!
Intending to enter some stunt competitions in 2005 required a few new stunt models. This is the first one finished - a Brodak Kit Profile Oriental. The Brodak 40 kept stopping unless run flatout. I added a shroud to increase the head temperature and this cured the problem.
I won the CLAPA class 2 league in 2005 with this model.
For 2006 I built a Mo-Best designed by Larry Cunningham. It has proved to be a stunning performer. I powered it with a SuperTigre G51 which required some changes to the ports to get it performing well. Details of the engine development are here Here is the wing of the second Profile Oriental on my wing jig. This wing is built using laser cut ribs that Kyle of Tank's Hanger cut from a CAD file I sent him. The section is a bit more modern than the kit section.
I built this Bob "Smoothie" Palmer Go Devil in just over 3 weeks to compete in the 2005 CLAPA champs. The OS LA46 has now been modified to spark ignition and won the CLAPA champs vintage competition in 2007 and 2008.
I was planning to fit a Super Cyclone 10cc spark ignition engine in the Go Devil. I have one that has never been run but got blown out of the vertical 8 manouver at the Nationals and slapped the ground damaging the Go-Devil. I was planning to rebuild it with the Cyclone but CLAPA decided to change the rules for their championships to use the SAM rules and the Go-Devil would be non-competitive so it has been replaced with a 1957 Oriental which is a better fit with the rules.
In 2012 I acquired a russian combat glow engine and last year (2013) I built a Razorblade 64 to see how this old warhorse would perform with a modern motor and a 6x3 apc prop. The result was a model that was very light, very loud and very exciting to fly.
Update: I have re-engined this model with a Rothwell R250 and it is now really fast.
My 2014 TEOSAWKI (The End Of Stunt As We Know It)
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