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I got some times from Brian for the case machine. Excluding the tooling he spent about 35 hours for the machining. The tooling for the Case took a further 12 hours. The design and detailing (all by hand with a pencil) took about a week - For Brian this is about 20 hours at the drawing board plus a lot of thinking time. The project so far has taken 5 weeks elapsed time and Brian aims to spend about 20 hours per week actually making the bits.

crankcase 1 crankcase 2
Final grinding of the crank pin in the lathe
BTW I checked with brian and he doesn't have any drawings for the toolpost grinder. He made it from simple hand sketches and some "design on the fly".
Crankshaft finished - the ballrace fit was finally lapped to get the interference fit.
crankcase 1 crankcase 2
Light aluminimum insert is fitted to the front of the axial hole in the crankshaft to fill the end of the hole and to flare the end of the inlet. Here you can see it fitted into the shaft. locktite is used to fix it in place.
crankcase 1 crankcase 2>/a>
Conrod blanks milled to 1mm over size all round. Brian made 2 so as to have a spare. Conrod blanks drilled and fitted with the phospher bronze bushes.[br] The holes are drilled 7.5, the bushes are pressed in and the blank is then returned to the mill to ream the bearing inner diameters and the blank is then milled down to final thickness.
crankcase 1 crankcase 2
Here is the fixture for machining the conrod to shape. Machining the sides and the top and bottom.
crankcase 1 crankcase 2
Basic rods with all the simple milling completed - just the round ends to machine. Fitted in the chuck of the dividing head for shapeing the ends.
crankcase 1 crankcase 2
Radius cutter - home made of course for finishing the ends. Finished rods
crankcase 1 crankcase 2 crankcase 2
Finished piston. This was made before the current engine build was started and was intended as a replacement for the standard Stalker item. Brian has moved the baffle away from the cylinder wall to improve combustion. The long stroke Stalker has the baffle very close to the side probably as a consequence of using the same piston as was originally designed for the short stroke version that had a larger diameter bore.

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