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Brian Turner's custom stunt engine

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Brians Skytoane

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Dispal 250 produced by Peak Werkstoff GmbH dispal250.pdf may also be available from:-
Powder Light Metals GmbH Am Wiesenbusch 2 Gladbeck, Nordrhein-Westfalen 45966 Germany. TEL: +49 2043944465 FAX: +49 2043944475

Cylinder. Brass CZ 121 - this is a common material and should be easily available.

Crankcase. Alcoa 4032
This as a 12% silicon al alloy also known as "Deltalloy 4032"

EN 24 also known as 817m40 or AISI: 4340
AISI: 4340 Chemical composition in weight %: 0.38% C, 0.69% Mn, 0.20% Si, 1.58% Ni, 0.95% Cr 0.26% Mo.

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crankcase 2
tooling. Top centre of the picture is the mounting mandrel for the piston. The diameter on the right is a precision fit in the skirt of the piston and the front face butts against the gudgion boss. The drawbar (top left passes through the mounting and is located in the piston with a gudgion pin and the screw tightened gently (hand tight - only sufficient to stop the piston from moving whilst lapping or turning). The lap is shown at the bottom and is made from aluminimum and is a sliding fit on the piston before it was split. The clamp screw gives control of the size during the lapping.
crankcase 1
The piston mounted on the fixture.

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