King Class Locomotive 6024 King Edward I

Click the file to view or download the PDF file of the drawing.

Click the file to view or download the DXF file of the drawing.
(will be available after the drawings have been checked)

KING-2024-2 is the opposite hand version of KING-2024-1 using the same profile bent the other way.
The cutouts for the hopper doors need to be checked before the DXF files are created.
The tunnel blends drawings 18,19,20 & 21 are for guidance only as Solidworks cannot cope with creating the flattened profile. Only drawing 20 has been drawn so far.
The stiffening strips 14,15,16 & 17 will be cut to fit on assembly and only -14 has been drawn.

Some pictures of the ashpan during the 2004 overhaul
(from Martyn Bane's excellent site)

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